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Our Letter of Support

Dear Utah Legislature, We the citizens of Utah thank you for the legislation you have passed to help protect our kids from pornography. We declare our children to have infinite worth. We acknowledge the detrimental effect this material has on physiological and emotional brain development. Our children are entitled to special protections due to their inherent differences from adults. We attest to the fact that the pornography industry is not being held to the same standards as other industries in regard to impact and exposure to minors. We ask the honorable Utah Legislature to continue efforts to address this problem and to exhibit the determination to pass further legislation to protect Utah kids.

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What rights do our kids have?

Much has been said of  the rights of the pornography industry. One way to discern a right is to ask if it comes at the expense of someone else. If a right harms another, then it isn’t really a right. Because pornography is harmful to the emotional and physiological development of children and because pornography drives sexual abuse and sexual crimes against children, we know that there is no legitimate right to expose children to this material. What is not talked about enough are the needs and rights of our kids. Our kids have the right to grow up in an environment that is most conducive to optimal development. One of the benefits of our form of government is that if an issue like protecting children from pornography has not been properly addressed, it can be corrected. It is time for that correction to be made and for the pornography industry to be held accountable for their merciless exposure of pornography to children and for appropriate laws to be passed and upheld that reflect this safeguard for our kids.

Pornographic material can be damaging to a child's brain development. Scientific research has shown that exposure to sexually explicit material can effect physiological and emotional maturity.

Do you or someone you know struggle with a pornography addiction?  There are several resources avaliable to help children, adolescents, and adults.

Prevention truly is the best medicine when it comes to protecting our families from the dangers of viewing sexually explicit content.  Here are some helpful tools parents can put in place to establish safe media barriers.

We are proud to have amazing supporters help us with our campaign. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to fight against exposing adult material to children.