Contact your representatives

An important part of this campaign is to let your representative know that protecting children should be a priority for the legislature. Click the link below to find and contact your local representatives. Many voices make a big impact.

Contact your representatives


  Sign the Letter

Please sign the letter that will be presented to the legislature during the 2018 session. Legislation is being crafted that will be presented this session.

Sign the letter


  Get 10 other people to sign the letter

The more signatures we have on the letter the more powerful the impact will be.


  Follow us on Facebook & repost

We want to flood the state of Utah using social media to explain why kids are entitled to special protections, so please help spread the word.

Follow us on Facebook & Repost


  Help raise awareness of our "Harmful Material to Minors" laws.

McDonald's recently agreed to voluntarily filter their wifi. With your help, we hope other Utah business that provide free wifi and other printed materials, will follow this example and choose to follow Utah's "Harmful Materials to Minors" laws. (View Utah State Code)

If you know a business decision maker that can help enforce these laws within their organization, please provide us with their contact information and we will send them a packet of material that includes the laws and information on the detrimental impact sexually explicit material has on kids.